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TESTIMONIALS:Students' reflections on the programme or materials, assignments or trainer(s):

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

General Evaluation Generally, the students are very appreciative of their trainers and have shown improvement over the period of these 8 weeks of the Bridging Course. They found the trainers to be devoted, helpful, skilful, patient and kind. Several students have commented that they enjoyed their English Bridging Course and highlighted the Drama/ role play lessons as they feel that they are able to learn better through games and activities. Some students like the group discussions and find that it has helped to foster their friendship and as well as build team rapport.

Individuals’ Remarks

Le Ba Hieu Giang said that he, not only learned English, but also life-skills. He said that the drama lessons have helped him become more confident.

Yang Zi remarked that she didn’t know how to write a summary nor answer comprehension questions but have since made great progress and had become more confident with her work progress.

Ye Ye said that over the period of these two months, she had learned to write better compositions and was better able to express her feelings and opinions in words with clarity. She is able speak more confidently and fluently now.

Class: NUS High Sec 3 Bridging Course

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