Teaching English

Holiday Camps

To provide foreign children opportunities to hone and improve their English language skills in a fun and exciting environment.


Tuition Classes

We provide English Language tuition in small groups or one-to-one for Primary and Secondary levels run by our affiliated companies, Advanced Learning Centre and Thinking Beyond.


Intensive English Bridging Course

For transition to Secondary 1- 3 in mainstream secondary schools and thru-train schools.


On-Going Supplementary English Language Programme

Weekly clasess for Secondary or Year 1 to 4 students.

Structure of Intellect

Here at Tinker Thot, our students receive the highly-acclaimed Structure of Intellect, an international cognitive development programme where each student is comprehensively assessed and a report generated for discussion with our consultants. Every student's worksheets and computer module is custommised for the individual. 

Reading Books in Library

Enrichment Programmes

We run a host of enrichment programmes during school term and school holidays under Thinking Beyond and Tinker Thot, our sister companies.

Open Notebook

Learning Journeys

Usually in-corporated into our Bridging Courses in order to increase students' cultural awareness and background of Singapore.

Student Writing

Immersion Programme

To let the students experience  Singapore culture, language, and the environment.